The Swedish Stroke Association

Strokeförbundet (The Swedish Stroke Association) is a non-profit and independent organisation that covers all of Sweden and includes people affected by stroke, their families and others.

Strokes on the decline in Sweden
The amount of people suffering strokes in Sweden is declining with 600 fewer cases in 2017 compared to the year before. Radio interview with Bo Norrving, head of Riksstroke.

We have a folder in English called About Stroke and the Swedish Stroke Association. We have tried to gather the most important information about stroke and our organisation. Available for order in our webshop.The aims and objectives are:

  • take care for the interests of people affected by stroke and their families
  • inform about the consequences of being hit by stroke and what it might lead to
  • campaign for better treatment and care by promoting better education for personnel treating stroke patients
  • improve social security
  • improve the follow-up treatment by primary health care after leaving the hospital
  • help establish more local stroke organisations
  • promote awareness and understanding of stroke by our politicians and in the society in general

Strokeförbundet is also in charge of Strokefonden. Strokefonden is a fund for ”supporting stroke research and spread information about stroke”. You can contribute to the fund by swish 900 53 07. Every autumn the fund is providing grants to ongoing stroke research.

Become a member
When you apply for membership in Strokeförbundet you will also automatically become a member in the nearest local stroke-organisation in your area of Sweden.

Members of Strokeförbundet will receive our magazine StrokeKontakt four times a year, as well as a variety of our published brochures.

The local organisations have different activities for their members, such as meetings, social events, educational gatherings, excursions and other organized travels.

Please contact us for further information!

phone: +46(0)87218820 email

Framsida från informationsfoldern About stroke and the swedish stroke association

kort med information om AKUT-testet på engelska